About Earl’s Battery Service

Earls Battery & Charger Service, Inc. is family owned and operated corporation that has been servicing the local market since 1944. Earl’s Battery Service was started in the early 1940’s by my grandfather Earl John Beauregard & my farther Earl Norman Beauregard Sr. The company was originally known as “Earl’s Tire Shop.” The business started out as a tire repair shop where you could have your tires repaired or purchase new ones.

A few years later during the war the tire industry slowed and it was time to look for new avenues. Ironically just down the street a battery shop owner was retiring. He offered to sell the company to my father (Earl Sr.) for $5000.00. The deal was done and in 1944 the original “Earl’s Battery & Tire Shop” was born.

The company has continued to grow over the years, adding industrial batteries in 1981 and with the addition of forklift sales and repairs in 1997. All of this expansion hasn’t made us lose site of our company slogan, “Snappy Service at Competitive Prices.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Earl’s Battery and Charger Service.

Earl Norman Beauregard, Jr.