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Earl’s specializes in industrial forklift replacement batteries & chargers. Our large inventory of low-cost reconditioned, rebuilt, and used batteries is ready to purchase and ship today.

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Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Go green and get green! We buy scrap batteries! Earl’s Battery Service recycles lead acid batteries used in cars, trucks, emergency lighting, battery backups and other applications. We pay cash for used lead acid batteries! Earl’s also recycles your old forklift batteries!

Earl’s Battery is a licensed lead acid battery recycler. Find out more about Earl’s Battery Recycling Program…

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Alternative Energy Batteries

Earl’s has the solar power battery or wind power battery to fit your device. Call today for a reliable, competitively priced battery.

Solar batteries store power generated by the sun, wind batteries store power generated by the wind. Solar and wind battery types include Gel Solar Power batteries, Lead Acid Solar Power batteries, or Sealed Lead Acid Solar Power batteries. Earl’s can find the solar or wind battery that meets your equipment requirements.

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Over 14,000 square feet of Batteries In Stock Ready to Ship from Metro Detroit!

Earl’s Battery Service is family-owned and operated and has been servicing the battery market since 1944. At Earl’s, we provide a wide variety of battery sales and services to fit your needs. Our Industrial department can provide your company’s forklift battery servicing or replacement. We also provide reconditioned automobile batteries at wholesale prices.

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